Sunday, May 17, 2009

my name is ' Tooth'

my name tooth...
my hobby is sleeping!!!

huhuhhu my sister's cat gumukkk juwerrrrr

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

my open water dive session at pulau tinggi mersing on 30th april 2009

date : 29/4/09 time 3.30am
depart from jb to jeti tanjung leman
the road viz are bad , thick fog all the way from kota tinggi to tanjung leman
reached there after 5.15am, i slept while waiting for my sis to arrived from kuala lumpur .. guess im too early to arrived huhhuhuhu excited wehhhhh!!!!!

7.30am she called, she's doing a pit stop at BP Tenggaroh 2, i turned back and met her there together with other diving buddies 3 of em and my dive master and instructor Ujang and Jess..
About 8am drive back convoi to Tjg Leman jetty, reached there pack our things and wait for the boat to transfer us to Pulau Tinggi, its located behind Pulau Sibu and will reached there an hour later by slow boat, speed boat will only took us bout 1/2 an hour to reach.
9am the SSI (diving school )representative from Singapore came at the jetty and hand out the SSI Open Water kit book that we have to read and answer the question later plus a 2 CD video session.
then slowly jez browse the book and check the answer that i knew.. got 6 chapter!!
a small boat ferry us to Gloria the mother ship anchored outside the bay as its low tide...
On the boat we take a rest (nap) on the way to Pulau Tinggi ... huhhuhuuhu
Once arrived , we took our luggage and go to our room, a double storey building where we stay on the 1st floor together with some researcher from UM, doing a study on marine life there since last month, an Indonesian, 2 locals and a foreigner..

Had our lunch and some video session in the afternoon and some briefing on our diving gears by Farouk another instructor , about 4pm the instructor said Gear Up!!! Yezzaaaaaaa …….
Choose our dive suit, weight belt, mask, snorkel, fins , tanks, bc and regulator.. damn heavy lah!!!
Hahahaha the tank already 14 kg, weight belt one each weights about 1kg, I use 5 lehhhh !!
First stage and 2nd stage regulator, alternate air source etc etc,depth gauge, submersible pressure gauge etc,

30/4/09 Dive Training No 1- depth 3m - 5m bottom time 30 mins ( House Reef) visibility 5m
Confine water train from beach front
Full gear and wear the fin at knee waist deep together with my other frens that we call Buddy, check our gear in working condition and some newly learned signals to communicate in the water later on.
Once everybody in the water, the 2 instructor lead us and blurp blurp blurp we descend in the water!! A bit wavy the waves as its near shore for our training session..

Tak boleh duduk diam asik terhoyong haying hua hua hua … maklum tak leh praktis buoyancy betul2 lagi…
1st lesson … descend to 3 m water
stay on our knees facing instructor and its mask clearing session, partial and full mask clearing whereby we allow sea water to seep thru our mask (half) and we purge it out using our nose (blew gently), few attempts then ok, not after I accidently inhale sea water thru my nose!!! Wahahahaha …..
go deeper 5m and repeat again and do full mask recovery, regulator recovery (the mouth piece) we took it out and recover it while under water, person and with buddy.
do our ascend and descend procedure …. Best like a yoyo up and down huhuhhuhu
all of us kelam kabut also and we did do some swimming together with our instructor at 5m depth done day 1 ….’
Back to land, rinse our dive equipments and arrange properly for tomorrow morning dive again..
At nite another video session and dinner …

1/5/09 2nd day training dives no 2 depth 5m to 7m – bottom time 50 minutes house reef visibility 3m
Morning train again for mask clearing techniques, fin pivot, weight belt remover, buoyancy compensator (bc) removal in the water, out of air procedure. Buddy ascend change regulator
Swimming test with and without mask n snorkel… tired!!
Ascending procedure and sight seeing at house reef!!!!
Late lunch and review what we did wrong with our instructor and another video session
Nite revision, learn to use dive tables and the calculation and sleep

2/5/09 3rd day dive no 3 Pulau Simbang Depth 12m – 15 m Bottom time 40 minutes Visibility 10m
Training dives no 3 in the morning bout 11am practising hovering, buoyancy in deep waters
Back roll entry and giant stride entry, finning methods
Few corals kena sepak ngan me huhuhuhu coz current a bit strong there, I had one or two difficulties equalizing my ears as descend a bit fast ….. huhuhuhhu
Dry throat lagi fuhhhhhhh … take five breathe in breathe out normally and continue follow the instructor ….
Do the safety stop 5m-6m from surface about 5 mins … hard to buoyant always look at the depth meter and air gauge huhhuhuhu me left abot 80 bar of air …. 50 bar must ascend and not to forgot about the safety stop also….

2/5/09 Dives no 4 at Pulau Nanga , in the afternoon same day, after take a break about 1.30 hours
Do back roll entry some do giant stride entry… Depth 10m visibility 5m only bottom time 40 mins
Descending using anchor line and negative entry to bottom ….. another ear ssqueeze, equalize again and again..
Practicing hovering and positive buoyancy control again… current a bit strong here..
Damn tired … when I surfacel they told me I bleed at my nose a bit … but I don’t feel it only my ears a bit stuffy …. huhhuhuhuhu
Late lunch at 4 pm … take a shower clean rinse equipment and prepare for tomorrow dives…
Revision , log in dive tables then sleep!!!!

2/5/09 Dives no 5 house reef depth 7m – 8m bottom time 55 mins visibility 3m
Follow dive master kena ragging this time hua hua hua
Buoyancy control, finning techniques, hovering and emergency ascend, low pressure inflator were pull out and we do emergency ascend upwards and inflate manually hua hua hua…
My ears still feeling a bit uneasy due to not proper equalized I guess no pain jezz no poping sound when I tried to equalized it … hew hew hew
Late at nite do our last test … yeayyyyyyyyyy I pass!!!!!

3/5/09 Sunday Dives no 6 House reef casual dives bottom time 35 mins visibility 2m-3m
A bit choppy the waters so cant see much as we are going back today after lunch, low tide some more
Took pictures at bottom and pack up soon after finish the last dive …