Saturday, February 20, 2010

errr updating feb 2010 ..

hew hew hew
its 3.30am now and still not sleepy and remembered my berabuk's blog .... lol
let's see what i missed these few months ...

since last year in fact work has started to pile up slowly, my co. manage to secure a job building 10 blocks - 10th storey med cost aprtments mainly for relocation programme
things started to kick up end year ..
- - -
miss my fishing days way back ... aiayahhh when can i go again to the sea ... deep sea fishing!!
miss the time with best frens going fishing!!
then again im thinking about my diving activities ... hew hew hew ..
last compressed air that i breathe is on august last year .... demm!!!
perhaps i go n dive in the pool first .. perhaps .. mueheehehe..
or maybe i go to the nearest island for a short weekend dive trip ..
hurmmm start saving lah bit by bit then can go dive!!!
nowdays had to do overtime work to oversee the project site ...
damn tired ... hua hua hua
new projects, new staff , so and so communication with them ... preservere jer laaa

well better stop my remblings ... wanna have a short wink ...

see ya later ...


to alls that i havent visited ur blogs .. perhaps i make it up later later


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the 'late' cat at my dad's house

comel nama dia

cekap tangkap burung, tak padan kecik...

berani kemain.... grey kaler lagi ... mmg my dad suka tucen kaler grey nehh

last tgk dia masa raya baru baru nie , injured kat badan... kena gigit anjing kot... dah letak ubat but tak baik .. last my sis bawak gie vet .. vet 'sleepkan' dia ...

may u rest in peace ....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

tioman short trip 8-9 August

surface interval before second dive at kadok bay

before going back ... gloomy weather thunderstorm coming in

beaber diving first time in tioman , nice place lots fishes underneath

batu malang dive site

Sunday, May 17, 2009

my name is ' Tooth'

my name tooth...
my hobby is sleeping!!!

huhuhhu my sister's cat gumukkk juwerrrrr